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Thursdays are the best days!

on January 10, 2014

Thursdays are always a busy day!  It is so good to see some of the students for the first time after the long break!

I continue to be impressed by the third graders!  Two groups yesterday in Mrs. Hurley’s class and three today in Mrs. Cowin’s class have earned new recorder songs!

Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth graders all got off to a running start on their newest projects, and all their talents are already shining through!  I can’t wait to see where we are at the end of the month!

Kindergarteners and first graders did a phenomenal job in their first music classes back from break remembering their Solfege symbols.  Likewise, second graders continued to show off their rhythmic skills – even after weeks without practice.  Nicely done!

Each grade shows me every day how hard they work and what amazing talents they have!  I am so lucky to work with these fantastic musicians!

My final note about this particularly awesome Thursday is brought to you by  Because of this web site and its generous donors, we now have a brand new stereo system in the music room!  Complete with a 5-disc changer, iPod dock, and radio.  I think the second graders shared by excitement when Mr. Ricky wheeled in that big box!


I can hardly wait for all the students to see it!  You all deserve it!  Thanks again for all your hard work and for my very musical Thursday!

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