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Timpani Update

on July 22, 2014

I am disappointed to say that we were not able to reach our goal for new timpani by the time the project ended.  You do have to option to use your donation for any of the thousands of projects posted by teachers across the country on Donors Choose.  I am very thankful that an organization like this exists to help teachers provide extra resources for their students. 

The second piece of bad news is that the Orff style timpani on the web page, that are significantly less expensive, do not seem to be available.  I am in contact with the company to see if we can try to get the instruments in stock for a future project.  Thank you all for your donations and support, this will be a road block but not the end of the line!

In lieu of this project, two more will be posted this week.  Some of you made donations because you have children in the band, so I want to do a project that will help you support them in another way. 

We also had the good fortune to acquire guitars from another school in the district, which is very exciting!  We will need some new strings and a stand for the guitars, so you will also have the option to donate to that project. 

As soon as these new projects are created I will post a link to them here on the Music web page.  I can’t say enough how grateful I am for your continued support! 

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