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Why Do We Make Music?

on January 20, 2015

In instrument lessons and band rehearsals we have been asking the basic question: why do we make music? There are many correct answers, including relaxation, entertainment, togetherness, and to cheer us up. These goals also apply to simply listening to music and are true enough. To press the question a little bit more, I believe that we MAKE music towards a larger goal. With all of the ugliness and pain in the world, we make music to add a bit of BEAUTY as an antidote to the unhappiness in our world. A tall order? YESSSS! Impossible? NO!

When your child studies an instrument, I believe that they become part of something incredibly important. As they progress, they add more beauty to their world, and make it a better place. Daily practice and concentration on improvement are not ends in themselves. We “get” that early stages of instruments can be a bit dicey with the sounds that come out of those horns, but parents, rest assured that if your child actually practices at home, those sounds will become beautiful in a relatively short time. When they join their instruments with other kids in ensembles, the amount of beauty added to the world is raised exponentially!

Oh yeah, and if we play well together, we have, as the kids would say “mad fun.”

See you in the Band Room.

Mr. Willard

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