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on February 13, 2015

Almost every student in the cast of Peter Pan picked up their scripts before the break!  Excellent job!  So what is the expectation for working on the play over break?

  • We want you to read through the script
  • We want you to highlight your lines
  • We want you to try to read it every day

The more you read the script the sooner you will turn your lines into your character.  Are you funny?  Are you serious?  Are you silly?  Are you helpful?  Are you clueless?  Are you insightful?  Find your character’s personality!  That way we can get a great head start for when we come back.  Please remember to keep a look out for any changes we may have to make in the cast list. 

When you get to a song you can use the link below to listen to the soundtrack on the Peter Pan Jr. Web Site.  Some of the parts are hard to follow so feel free to listen first and try to follow along, don’t feel like you have to try to sing it until we rehearse together!

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