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No Rehearsal Today

on March 3, 2015

Is winter over yet? Uhg.

Even though we didn’t have rehearsal, I trust everyone cracked open their scripts! You should be reading through them every night so you can memorize your lines.

This Thursday there is no play practice, as we will be preparing for math and science night! However there is still band rehearsal until 3:45.  We have also made an adjustment to the band/play rehearsal deal on Thursdays.  You will always go to band at 3:00, but on odd days when there is play rehearsal Mr. Willard will release you at 3:30, and on even days or days with no play practice you will stay for the full band rehearsal.  Thank you for your flexibility as we try to make sure we are doing the best to get everyone ready for a busy spring!

And the thing that makes me smile this week: the anticipation already in the air for a fabulous musical!  This crocodile was made for us by a wonderful second grader!  

It’s a school-wide effort!  See you all tomorrow!


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