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Let me ask you a question…

on March 6, 2015

If we sold Peter Pan Jr. t-shirts for $20 each to the cast and crew, would you buy one?  Please answer Yes or No, I really want to know!  They would be great for stage crew on the night of the performance and awesome to wear around school and get everyone excited for the play, but I know cost is a factor.  Many students have already asked how we could get them, but I know the parents are likely paying! So I would truly like to know: would you buy one?

6 responses to “Let me ask you a question…

  1. Theresa Piraino says:


  2. catcormic says:

    Yes. I think it would be great!

  3. jaguarinny says:

    Yes we would

  4. nazaida says:

    Yea I would buy a tee shirt

  5. chelsea and bella says:

    I would by one by not for $20 maybe $10-$15

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