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on September 17, 2016

I am SO excited that the third graders are ordering recorders!  If the newsletter didn’t get to you yet, you can order a recorder through the school so your third grader can practice at home!

Benefits?  Recorders cost $3 on average.  Ordering them online will cost $7 in shipping.  If we bulk order we can avoid shipping costs.  When you order a recorder through me I can also print you all the songs we do in class so you can practice at home!

Although, if you already have a recorder at home I will happily print you the packet anyway!  No purchase necessary!

Your students does not need a recorder for home, there is no pressure to order.  I understand that some people already have them, and some people just don’t want them- and I totally respect that.  The recorder for home is for the pure enjoyment of your third grader.

So what do I need by Wednesday to order you a recorder?  A note with your child’s name, their homeroom teacher’s name, the color of the recorder they want, and the cash.

Options from the newsletter:

White Recorder: $2

Red Recorder: $3

Blue Recorder: $3

Green Recorder: $3

Purple Recorder: $4

Options NOT on the newsletter:

Black Recorder: $3

Neck Strap:  $2

I have never had recorder students who wanted cool stuff like mine (my recorder is black with a neck strap- Mrs. MacDonough’s class inquired so I looked up some prices for them!)  This is going to be a fantastic year, I can tell!

Someone very thoughtfully sent in extra money for another student who may want a recorder (I’m not saying I’m postpartum or anything, but I may have wept tears of happiness).  If you would like your student to have a recorder but the cash is not on hand, please send me a note.  We will make it work.

It has been a long and wonderful first full week!  See you all on Monday!

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