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Busy Week!

on October 6, 2017

It has been a busy and wonderful week!

September collage

Fifth and Sixth graders are finishing up their first projects already!  Sixth will be moving on to music history, learning about composers, and playing guitars!  Fifth graders have an exciting year of songwriting ahead of them!

Fourth grade has been working SO HARD on solfege, and one class got to try out a new solfege game!  I look forward to playing with the other two classes!

Third graders are working with their recorders and are almost ready to begin testing for their recorder belts!  I have had MANY orders for recorders and will be ordering them on TUESDAY EVENING!  All orders must be in before Tuesday, October 10th.  Ordering Recorders

Second graders are practicing their skills reading rhythms and solfege, not to mention the hard work they are doing with Carnival of the Animals!

First grade has been singing Fanga Alafia and Sambalele, practicing their rhythms and solfege, as well as practicing for the PTO meeting at 5:30pm on October 26th!  Kindergarten will also be singing with them- please join us for the concert and meeting!  Dinner is provided and it would be wonderful to see everyone!

Kindergarten, in addition to practicing their concert songs for the PTO meeting, have listened to two wonderful song-stories: Abiyoyo and There’s A Hole In The Bucket.  They are also beginning work on rhythms and high/low sounds!

And that’s just general music!  I hope your 4th, 5th, and 6th graders are keeping you up-to-date on the first few weeks of instrumental lessons.  I love seeing the kids walk around with their instruments!

We also had a guest teacher last week, Mr. Andrew!  He won Music Teacher For A Day raffle at the community picnic and he did a fantastic job!  The younger students were asking for him again this week!

That’s all for now, have an awesome long weekend!

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