Music at Salem Hyde

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Busy Music Room

on January 27, 2018

My New Year’s Resolution was to keep you better updated on what’s going on in the music room.  Although that is my resolution every year, I’m really going to give it my best try!

The 4th and 5th graders did a FABULOUS job singing two songs from Hamilton at the PTO meeting.  Thanks to all who came out!  Especially after bringing them to the winter concert the day before.  These kids and their families are rock stars!

Screen Shot 2018-01-27 at 12.20.38 PM

Here are some pictures of the third graders hard at work learning the recorder.  I love the way they help and teacher each other!  Special shout out to our first black belt, Claire!  1517072333798

Our fourth graders are planning away and eager to start using instruments for their first projects!  I’m so excited to hear how their recordings come out!


I thought I had some, but I will have to snap a few photos of the first graders performing my very favorite dance for Chinese New Year!  If you’d like to see what a specific grade is up to please leave a comment and I will show you what we are up to!

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