Music at Salem Hyde

Read, share, enjoy the music

Fifth Grade

In Fifth Grade, our aim is to…

  • Sing and play with pitch and rhythmic accuracy
  • Use traditional and non-traditional sounds
  • Develop critical listening skills
  • Familiarize ourselves with standard musical notation
  • Utilize the writing process for original compositions
  • Write and perform in different cultural styles
  • Develop improvisation techniques
  • Create and perform as individuals and as groups
  • Compose original compositions

Our first project is a FrankenSong, refreshing our knowledge of the elements of music: Rhythm, Melody, Harmony, Tempo, Dynamics, Timbre, and Form.

For our second project:  Use Strophic, Binary, Turnary, or Rondo form to change the form of a song.

Final 5th grade project:  Create a musical Onomatopoeia.  Every group gets a vocab word and must create a song that exemplifies that word.

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