Music at Salem Hyde

Read, share, enjoy the music

Sixth Grade

In Sixth Grade, we aim to…

  • Sing and play notated music
  • Compose original music
  • Learn about important composers
  • Develop improvisational skills
  • Develop a fine arts vocabulary
  • Learn about the guitar
  • Play chords G, C, and D

While we learn how to play the guitar we will build our music vocabulary and understanding of written music.  Our first project is a FrankenSong to brush up on our music skills and vocabulary, then we will use the guitars for a 12-Bar-Blues and Songwriting projects.

Students will receive number grades for the first time in 6th grade specials!  Music is graded based on student participation and following classroom expectations.  Some students will have music twice a week in the first two marking periods and some will have it twice a week in the second marking period.  If at any point you wish to check on your music grade feel free to contact Mrs. Lefkus.

Here are some fun songs you can learn with G, C, and D chords:



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