Music at Salem Hyde

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Jingle Bells

Sorry to keep you in suspense, recorder players!

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This Choir!

I can’t get over what a talented group I have this year!  They are going to keep me on my toes!  Picking out more music tonight!  Can’t wait for the musical in the spring!


Oh, and this…

I promised the kids I would dig up this picture!


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Students and Teachers

I could now help but be proud of the third graders as they played recorders independently for the first time this week. The caring that went into their studies as they helped each other play was absolutely beautiful. 

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Hello, Autumn

It’s that time of year! Grab your ManaTea and tissues and try to stay well! Take good care of your voice, it’s your only free instrument and you’ll have it your whole life 😊

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Picnic Tomorrow!

Cooper and I will be at the Salem Hyde Community Picnic tomorrow until 5:30.  Hope to see you there!

I am so excited about all the recorder orders that have come in!  They should be here in about two weeks!

Today the fifth graders and I discovered the name of this instrument:


Do YOU know what it’s called?  Ask Mrs. Satalin’s Class!

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I am SO excited that the third graders are ordering recorders!  If the newsletter didn’t get to you yet, you can order a recorder through the school so your third grader can practice at home!

Benefits?  Recorders cost $3 on average.  Ordering them online will cost $7 in shipping.  If we bulk order we can avoid shipping costs.  When you order a recorder through me I can also print you all the songs we do in class so you can practice at home!

Although, if you already have a recorder at home I will happily print you the packet anyway!  No purchase necessary!

Your students does not need a recorder for home, there is no pressure to order.  I understand that some people already have them, and some people just don’t want them- and I totally respect that.  The recorder for home is for the pure enjoyment of your third grader.

So what do I need by Wednesday to order you a recorder?  A note with your child’s name, their homeroom teacher’s name, the color of the recorder they want, and the cash.

Options from the newsletter:

White Recorder: $2

Red Recorder: $3

Blue Recorder: $3

Green Recorder: $3

Purple Recorder: $4

Options NOT on the newsletter:

Black Recorder: $3

Neck Strap:  $2

I have never had recorder students who wanted cool stuff like mine (my recorder is black with a neck strap- Mrs. MacDonough’s class inquired so I looked up some prices for them!)  This is going to be a fantastic year, I can tell!

Someone very thoughtfully sent in extra money for another student who may want a recorder (I’m not saying I’m postpartum or anything, but I may have wept tears of happiness).  If you would like your student to have a recorder but the cash is not on hand, please send me a note.  We will make it work.

It has been a long and wonderful first full week!  See you all on Monday!

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Welcome BACH

I am so thrilled that so many families are reading the newsletters and responding so quickly!  I’m going to have to up my game!

I am going to make a New Year Resolution (New School Year Resolution, that is, and you have to hold me to it!)  I am going to try to update the web page more with information for all grade levels!

Today I have to say, Mrs. Donaldson’s class was so impressive!  We read about Camille Saint-Saens, had a fire drill, earned FOUR marbles from four different teacher doing such an impressive job outside, and were so focused when we got back we finished our reading AND got to dance!  Awesome job, everyone!

Here are the newsletter answers:


And thanks for visiting!

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Goodbye Sixth Graders!

I’m not crying, you’re crying!

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Hey Strangers!

I hope you all have been having fun with the amazing Mrs. Sampson and Mrs. Murphy!  I have missed you very much.

I was just looking at the end of the year awards, and I think it’s worth sharing that this is always a hard time for me.  So many students at Salem Hyde do an amazing job throughout the year.  To pick just one person in every grade to get the music award seems like an impossible task.

Though I have this struggle with every grade, this year I can’t imagine just one music award in all of sixth grade.  You have worked so hard this year and I will miss you all so much.  I hope you all will continue with music in some way when you leave.


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