Music at Salem Hyde

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Dear Edwina Practice Tracks

Paw Paw Michigan

Up On The Fridge

Dear Edwina

Here Comes A Letter


Say No Thank You

Another Letter!




Fork, Knife, Spoon

Time For Intermission

Here Come More Letters


Hola, Lola


Put it in the Piggy

Thanks For Coming 1


Thanks For Coming 2

Up on the Fridge Breakdown

Sing Your Own Song

Hola, Lola Encore

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Watch “40 FINGERS – Disney Medley (Official Video)” on YouTube

I’ll just leave this here for my sixth graders!

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Help Me Surprise Kuffy!

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Audition Prep Time!

Dear Edwina, JR

We are so excited to begin the process of holding auditions for Dear Edwina, Jr!  The following links will help you with everything you need to know:

Audition Packet

Dear Edwina Characters

Afterschool Sign-Up

Auditions will begin in January, sign-ups will be available when we get back from break.

Feel free to contact Mrs. Lefkus or Mrs. Oliver about the audition, or Ms. Sweeney about the Afterschool Program.

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Watch “Hola Lola” on YouTube

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Awesome Job Tonight!

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Shrek cast and crew: Wear your shirts on TUESDAY!!!!! Spread the word!

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Poor Crocs!

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Guest Teacher Miss D!

Check out @musicalefkus’s Tweet:

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