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Happy Presidents Day!

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Aladdin Jr Practice Tracks

Arabian Nights 1

Arabian Nights 2

Arabian Nights 3

Arabian Nights 4

Arabian Nights 5

Arabian Nights 6

Arabian Nights 7

One Jump Ahead 1

One Jump Ahead 2

One Jump Ahead Reprise

Arabian Nights Reprise 1

Why Me?

Arabian Nights Reprise 2

Friend Like Me

Prince Ali

One Busy Night in Agrabah

A Whole New World

Why Me? Reprise

Prince Ali Reprise 1

Prince Ali Reprise 2

Back in the Bottle

A Whole New World Reprise

Friend Like Me (Bows)

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Busy Music Room

My New Year’s Resolution was to keep you better updated on what’s going on in the music room.  Although that is my resolution every year, I’m really going to give it my best try!

The 4th and 5th graders did a FABULOUS job singing two songs from Hamilton at the PTO meeting.  Thanks to all who came out!  Especially after bringing them to the winter concert the day before.  These kids and their families are rock stars!

Screen Shot 2018-01-27 at 12.20.38 PM

Here are some pictures of the third graders hard at work learning the recorder.  I love the way they help and teacher each other!  Special shout out to our first black belt, Claire!  1517072333798

Our fourth graders are planning away and eager to start using instruments for their first projects!  I’m so excited to hear how their recordings come out!


I thought I had some, but I will have to snap a few photos of the first graders performing my very favorite dance for Chinese New Year!  If you’d like to see what a specific grade is up to please leave a comment and I will show you what we are up to!

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Aladdin Jr Cast and Crew!

Please review the list carefully as you may have more than one part.  For example, you may be a townsperson and also in the chorus- they sing two different songs.  The Harem Girls and the Princes are also townspeople, but with a specific role/costume or small group part in a song.  If anything is confusing to you please ask Mrs. Lefkus your questions when you pick up your script.

Please pick up your script in the music room- 6th graders can pick them up in the morning before announcements, anyone can pick them up at dismissal.

We had to cut a significant number of crew members, but we thank everyone for your interest!  There were simply too many students interested and not enough jobs.

If you feel you have been felt off the list in error please see Mrs. Lefkus or Mrs. Oliver.  If you still need to sign up for the after-school program please see Mrs. Trent ASAP!


Aladdin Patrick Nimineh
Genie Sam Sampson
Jafar Kiyana Burrell
Jasmine Natalie Klein
Sultan Jazmyn Cox
Iago Myrna Riegelman
Narrator 1 Taylor Sampson
Narrator 2 Andrew Baidoo
Narrator 3 Kahlel Hills
Narrator 4 Isaac Rosado
Narrator 5 Nusra Nabwanja
Razoul Abigail Delaney
Guard 1 Mahkenzie Peck
Guard 2 LaZaya Thomas
Townspeople Angelina Bianchi

Mariam Asmani

Cecilia Witherel

Suzanne Lester

Chance Titus

Kaylee Foster

Alexis Alexander

Daniel Ingram

Kya Serbun

Janice Memadje

Elias Ledger

Baker  (Townsperson) Suzanne Lester
Matron (Harem Girl) Angelina Bianchi
Harem Girls (Townspeople) Cecilia Witherel

Kaylee Foster

Alexis Alexander

Chorus Angelina Bianchi

Mariam Asmani

Cecilia Witherel

Suzanne Lester

Chance Titus

Kaylee Foster

Alexis Alexander

Daniel Ingram

Kya Serbun

Janice Memadji

Elias Ledger

Prince Baba of Ganoush Chance Titus
Prince Dahdu Rahn-Rahn Daniel Ingram
Prince Formerly Known as the Artist


Stage Manager Madison Zimmerman
Script Supervisor Alex Farruggio
Sound Technician Alyssa Pomeroy
Costume Coordinator Alek Koudadje

Aliyah Mattox

Prop Master Javeon Mclauren-Piper

Savanna Hare

Crew Members Benny Ayers

Adalia Cain

Shariah Huddleston

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Aladdin, Jr!

We have been preparing and auditioning for the past two weeks and are excited to announce a cast and crew as soon as we can!  A few points to remember:

If we didn’t get your paperwork we can’t give you a part!

The cast and crew list will be posted HERE on the music web page before rehearsals begin.

Once you know your part you must get a script!

If you have any questions about the musical please see Mrs. Oliver or Mrs. Lefkus.

If you have any questions about joining the afterschool program please see Mrs. Trent.

Thank you!

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Aladdin, Jr!

I hope everyone is having a great break!  I am so happy to say that the 5th and 6th graders raised over $700 during our fundraiser!  Thank you so much for everyone who participated!

We hope the 5th and 6th graders grabbed an audition pack this week for…

aladdin jr

And if not, here ya go:  Aladdin Audition Packet

Bonus: Link for the audition song:

If you would like practice, advice, or help with your audition please get a pass to see Mrs. Lefkus at dismissal the first week back to school.  Sign-ups will be available that week and auditions will officially begin the week of the 8th!

Have a great week!

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Fundraiser for the Musical!

Fifth and Sixth graders will be selling coffee, tea, cocoa, and snacks through November 27th for the Spring Musical!

Driven Coffee 1

Driven Coffee 2

The fantastic original art work for the bags was drawn by Mrs. Greco!

Salem Hyde Coffee Logo

ONline Ordering

Orders will be in by December 18th!  Please make an order with your favorite 5th or 6th grader!  See Mrs. Lefkus for details.  Thanks!

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Supplies for Making Intruments

Thank you all for sending your everyday items to school for us to transform into something magical!  We now have plenty of 16-20oz bottles and enough large plastic containers for the entire 2nd grade to use for making instruments!

We are VERY CLOSE to having enough 2 liter bottles and are only short about 10-15 shoe boxes- those are the HARDEST items to come by!  I’m impressed we have so many already!

We are still very much in need to paper towel rolls, so please keep the music department and second graders in mind next time you finish a roll!

I can’t thank you enough!  I am so honored to work with such great kids and families!

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Busy Week!

It has been a busy and wonderful week!

September collage

Fifth and Sixth graders are finishing up their first projects already!  Sixth will be moving on to music history, learning about composers, and playing guitars!  Fifth graders have an exciting year of songwriting ahead of them!

Fourth grade has been working SO HARD on solfege, and one class got to try out a new solfege game!  I look forward to playing with the other two classes!

Third graders are working with their recorders and are almost ready to begin testing for their recorder belts!  I have had MANY orders for recorders and will be ordering them on TUESDAY EVENING!  All orders must be in before Tuesday, October 10th.  Ordering Recorders

Second graders are practicing their skills reading rhythms and solfege, not to mention the hard work they are doing with Carnival of the Animals!

First grade has been singing Fanga Alafia and Sambalele, practicing their rhythms and solfege, as well as practicing for the PTO meeting at 5:30pm on October 26th!  Kindergarten will also be singing with them- please join us for the concert and meeting!  Dinner is provided and it would be wonderful to see everyone!

Kindergarten, in addition to practicing their concert songs for the PTO meeting, have listened to two wonderful song-stories: Abiyoyo and There’s A Hole In The Bucket.  They are also beginning work on rhythms and high/low sounds!

And that’s just general music!  I hope your 4th, 5th, and 6th graders are keeping you up-to-date on the first few weeks of instrumental lessons.  I love seeing the kids walk around with their instruments!

We also had a guest teacher last week, Mr. Andrew!  He won Music Teacher For A Day raffle at the community picnic and he did a fantastic job!  The younger students were asking for him again this week!

That’s all for now, have an awesome long weekend!

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