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Great Performances!

It has been a wild and crazy couple of weeks!

Willy Wonka Jr. was fantastic!  Thank you to everyone who helped up prepare, especially Ms. Trent, Mrs. Sampson, Mrs. Murphy, Mr. Oliver, and many other amazing parents, teachers, family members, and friends!

Hats off to Mr. Willard and our Band and Orchestra members for a fabulous concert this week!  I’m still humming the final song!

We truly could not bring such incredible musical opportunities to Salem Hyde without the help of out community.  Thanks, everyone!

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Ending on a High Note

This young man stayed late in the music room to earn his black belt in recorder before break! Such dedication! Congratulations, Dante! 

We now have nine black belts in third grade! Dante had joined ranks with Noah, Austin, Murphy, Loyi, Jerome, Jack, Isak, and Emma! With their help we will have many more before the end of the year!

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Who’s That Guy?

Does anyone recognize this man playing the keyboard?  Seen performing in the pit of Wicked while it is touring in Syracuse… It’s Mr. Willard!  Who knew?!


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Willy Wonka Jr Practice Tracks

Pure Imagination

Golden Age of Chocolate

The Candy Man

I Eat More

Think Positive

I See It All On TV

Cheer Up, Charlie

Think Positive Reprise

I’ve Got A Golden Ticket

At The Gates

In This Room Here

Factory Reveal Sequence

Oompa Loompa 1

There’s No Knowing

Chew It

Oompa Loompa 2


Burping Song

I Want It Now

Oompa Loompa 3

Oompa Loompa 4


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Had an action packed morning of guitars with 6th grade learning chord progressions, instruments and singing with 5th arranging the Star-Spangled Banner in their own forms, and xylophone with 4th writing their own ostinatos!

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Willy Wonka Cast List!


Please ready carefully in case you have more than one part!


Actor Character (Number of lines, Solo singing or not)
Gianna Cotroneo Willy Wonka (76, S)
Lauren Cameron Charlie (63, S)
Grace Holtsbery Grandpa Joe (46, S)
Lamont Greene Mr. Bucket (20, S)
Gabby Samuels Mrs. Bucket (17, S)
Adut Macheik Phineous (17)
Tehya Gibson Violet (17, S)
Sam Sampson Mike (16, S)
Margaret Mading Veruca (13, S)
Teasia Odums Grandma Josephina (12)
Christina Cornwall Grandma Georgina (11)
Julieis Anthony Candy Man (10, S)
Jamier Handford Grandpa George (9)
Natalie Klein Ms. Teave (8, S)
Patrick Nimineh Mr. Salt (7)
Angok Chol Augustus (7, S)
Kassy Mitchell Mrs. Gloop (6, S)
Adalia Cain Mrs. Beauregarde (5)
Brianne Metz Matilda (3)
Kiyana Burell James (2)
Brianne Mets Oompa Loompa 1 (1, S)
Brianna Cacchione Oompa Loompa 2 (1)
Samantha Townsend Oompa Loompa 3 (1)
Asad Oompa Loompa 4
Ri’Shy Tillie Oompa Loompa 5
Sheridyn Boatwright, Brianne Metz, Kiyana Burell, Brianna Cacchione, Samantha Townsend, Asad, Ri’shy Tillie, Aryah McCarthy Candy Man Kids (1)
Sheridyn Boatwright, Adut Macheik, Julieis Anthony, Aryah McCarthy Squirrels


Avril Moris Script Supervisor
Alexandra Raspaldo-Jiminez Costume Coordinator
Kasaundra Moore Costumes
Jayden Colabufo Prop Master
Destiny Valade Props
Alia Koudadje Stage Manager
Alyssa Pomeroy Lights/Sound
Makayla Emery

Tarayah Salter

Matthew Wilkinson

Ben Ayers

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Yay Gabriel!

The second graders have been following and writing listening maps, and one of Ms. Bernardini and Ms. Mumau’s students wrote his own song! So cool!

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Sad Face

All after-school activities have been cancelled, including the Winter Concert that would have been tonight at 7pm. I will post any additional information here as it becomes available. 

If you’re looking for something to do in lieu of the concert, I suggest cocoa and a Disney movie. 

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Jingle Bells

Sorry to keep you in suspense, recorder players!

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